Forged in the fires of masochism and silliness, my desire to play end-game raiding as a resto shaman in World of Warcraft has plagued me for years. I’ve ridden the roller coaster of changes, both amazing and abhorrent. I’ve picked up a few nuggets of wisdom over the years, and I am hoping to pass them along to those who are looking for either a fresh outlook on the class, or are picking it up for the first time.

This blog is not for complaining about WoW, the state of the game, or games I feel are better. This blog is completely about shaman in end-game raiding. I’m not a math major but I do enjoy the metagame, so expect some of it here. Afterall, it can’t be a RPG without math. Expect rants, but not those whiny rants you see on forums. Expect a lot of puns too. Sorry.


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